Carpet cleaning is a complex job. Nowadays the carpet is made from different materials and different manufacturing processes are used to make carpet. So no single cleaning method or cleaning solutions can be used for all carpets. In doing so, that can damage the carpet or fade its original color. To provide the right cleaning of carpet to people, there are many carpet cleaning providers. But certain requirements need to be fulfilled by the experienced service provider to get satisfying results. 

Always try to find the carpet service provider, who carries a good experience in this field. A friend referral is also important because in that case, you have live reference for their job. The professional carpet cleaner will never just enter in your house but will inspect the carpet and area where it is used before providing any cleaning solution.

The pre-test or prior inspection will help cleaner to know about the carpet. The carpet is made from different material and every material is limited to certain things. That same cleaning method or carpet cleaning South Yarra will not be workable for each material. They will be inspecting the carpet. Noting the amount of dirt or stains on the carpet. Check the nature of stains and will devise the treatment for stains. As their job is not only to clean the carpet but also to maintain its sanity and looks.

After inspecting and devising the cleaning method, the place where it should be cleaned must be cleared. It is always recommended that the furniture and other items should be moved out of the room, so they don’t get affected during the cleaning process. If the furniture is too heavy or delicate to move then, in that case, it should be covered properly, so it will not get harmed. 

Then first of all vacuum cleaner will be sued to remove all the dust and dirt from the carpet. The strength of the vacuum cleaner will be adjusted as per carpet material and made. Stains will be treated individually as separately as they need dedicated and delicate cleaning. After cleaning the stains, the steam cleaner filled with hot water will be used to get the final course of cleaning. Steam cleaning is not recommended for every carpet, some carpet type needs dry cleaning. But after awesome steam cleaning, the carpet dryer will also be sued to dry the carpet quickly. The final inspection will be done by cleaner and then customers to check their satisfaction level. Till the complete drying of carpet, there should be no movement of any sort on the carpet and no furniture should be placed on it.