This season you don’t need to worry about that how will you clean your air conditioners. It is a much easier task, all it needs your handling and proper scheduling of maintainence routines. You need to slide out the unit out of air conditioner’s case for cleaning the air should be moved out for working and the vent fins should be straightened up. The coils should be vacuumed, air conditioners cleaners should be sprayed and finally the hose should be used for rinsing it. Make sure when your unit gets cleaned, it should be reinstalled in its case and finally the air filters should be changed.

The unit should be removed by popping off the front of air conditioners unit that is made of plastic. It can be done by removing its retaining screws as well as sliding its unit out from its case. You should work or take assistance from other person or partner for preventing yourself or the unit from being damaged or hurt, in case of handling larger and heavier units.

The unit should be moved out for cleaning. It will be done with a garden hose so move to a larger area where you can easily spray it off.

The bent fins should be straightened up. It is easy for bending the aluminium coils on evaporator and condenser fins. Airflow is obstructed by bent coils online. The fin comb of air conditioners should be used gently for straightening the fins back to their original position.

The coils should be vacuumed for removing the loose particles with the attachment of soft brush. Make sure the coils do not bend.

Cleaner of air conditioner should be sprayed. Air conditioners cleaners are available in cans in majority of home improvement shops. The coating should be applied generously on the coils  and the cleaner should be allowed for a working according to the direction of manufacturers.

Finally, the units should be rinsed off to remove the cleaner away from both coils. When it dries up, reinstall it back in the case. The filters should be changed to keep the units of air conditioners clean.