Cleaning! One of the most disheartening chores in the house! No matter how much we dislike cleaning and how much we try to avoid it, it has to be done to make the house habitable. Otherwise, as our mothers say, the house would look worse than a pig sty.So for those who are as lazy as me, the best option would be find materials, fittings and flooring that are easy to clean. Even if you are not lazy you make like the idea of an easy to clean floor if you have pets or children. One way or the other, I am sure you are going to like the following easy to clean flooring ideas. 

Vinyl flooring

This is a type of fairly new resilient flooring which is taking the market by commotion. Vinyl flooring is 100% plastic and, therefore, can handle even excessive dampness. These are very easy to clean; all you need is a broom and a mop and the best part is that they (except solid and composite Vinyl tiles) are stain resistant. However, vinyl flooring may be stained if it came into contact with rubber. So, be careful not to use rubber mats if you are considering this type of flooring. 

Nice concrete service

One of my personal favorite is concrete flooring. A designer and unique look may be achieved by using exposed aggregate concrete. Concrete flooring are easy to clean and highly durable. Moreover, they come in many colors and designs and do not contain harmful chemicals that are associated with vinyl flooring. However, you might want to keep in mind that this type of flooring may be quite noisy due to echoing and can get quite cold if radiant floor heating is not used. You will also have to make sure that you have proper resealing exposed aggregate in place. Otherwise, cleaning may not be as easy as you thought.In addition, you will need professional assistance in installing as concrete flooring is not a “do it yourself” thing.

Linoleum flooring

This is another type of resilient flooring that has been used for many years. It is a natural flooring option and, therefore, you do not have to worry much about the chemicals. However, as this is a natural product, discoloration is inevitable. Moreover, this type of floors can be adversely affected by moisture if it is not properly sealed.

If properly sealed and properly installed, linoleum flooring would rid you of the cleaning hassle. I would not recommend this type of flooring if you have small kids or pets as accidents are bound to happen and you would not want to end up with a stained floor which is otherwise easy to clean.So when installing new floors I hope you will take into account all the other factors and not just the fact that you are lazy to clean.