When the children of the 90’s were growing up, that may have possibly been the best time ever, as there were no iPads or iPhones to play with or get addicted to; they used their imagination to play with their friends and come up with wild stories and play with their Barbie dolls or toy cars and so on. These kids let their imagination run wild as they used to come with the most bizarre things on earth; some were questionable but their parent’s let it slide. Whenever their parents needed a break they would take them to the close by children’s park and gossip with the other parents, that’s how simple life was back then.

Nowadays, unfortunately parents don’t even have the time to take their children to the park; they’re so busy with their work that in some cases they don’t have the time to talk to their son or daughter. It’s a very sad story, but 100% true with most families around the world these days. It’s due to this fact that these kids are neglected as they’re forced to spend time with their babysitter or nanny. If this is how it’s going to be when people have their own families, they should only consider starting one once they’re settled financially and will be able to spend all their free time with their children. People should never neglect their children, as there will be unnecessary consequences if they make the mistake of doing so.

Children are actually smarter than most people assume, as they’re able to pick up on the simple things like if their mom is feeling sad or angry; they’re very empathetic that way. Children are way more advanced than necessary, especially when it comes to the usage of technology. Kids as young as three years old are able to open certain apps like YouTube and picture galleries, believe it or not. This is why parents need to limit their children using their phones or just don’t give it to them at all, either way it has to be a gradual process, otherwise the kids will throw a tantrum for it all the time. When they grow up, their school’s pile up on the homework and don’t consider how hard it is. Sometimes they have to use Print On Demand fast printing, as well.

It’s obviously too much for these children and for some projects they have to use photocopying services. These schools need to know that they shouldn’t be doing this and not even give that much of homework for these children.