How To Clean Your House After A Party?

Everyone likes parties. Parties is where you can let go and have fun. You can forget about your boring life and dance and drink without a care in the world. But what comes after a party is not fun at all, especially if you’re the host. A hangover is officially the worse thing to deal with in the morning after a party, but if you were the host, not only you will be dealing with your hangover but you will have to clean the whole place too. Parties can get wild, especially if there was alcohol involved. But even after a tame party, cleaning is not going to be easy. If you’re someone who threw a party yesterday night and now you’re standing in the middle of the room looking around helpless, reading this might help you a little.

Start the Cleaning Process Yourself

First of all, get some huge dustbin bags. Put a pair of gloves on. Walk around your house and your yard and collect all the plastic cups and rubbish and fill the bags with them. If you want to, you can put all the rubbish that can be recycled in one bag and all the other things like beer cans and bottles in another bag. After making sure you have collected everything you can collect and put them in bags tie them away and keep them away to throw them away later. Then, take another bag, walk around and fill the bags with all the leftover food, that are lying on the floor or on tables and sometimes stuck on the walls. Cleaning starts after that. Before starting, make a list of all the ways you have to clean your house. And divide the things you can do and the things you need professional help with into two lists. For an example, you can vacuum the floor by yourself, but if your carpet is stained, you need to look for a professional assistance.

Get Professional Help

Once you’re done with all the cleaning and washing, it’s time to hire professional help. You might think it’s not necessary, but professional cleaning can make your floor cover look spotless and they will not miss any corner of your house. There is no need to worry about the budget either. There are plenty of businesses that offer their services for a reasonable amount of money and they also do an excellent job. Look up cheap carpet cleaning businesses and contact them. If there is anything broken, like a window or a door, you would have to call someone to repair them too.

Tips for the Next Time

While, you can’t stop your house from getting dirty during a party, you can make the cleaning process easier. The next time you host a party, make sure to put at least two rubbish bins in every room. Lock all the bedrooms with all the valuable things inside. You can also ask your friends to help you with the cleaning.

Upholstery: A Worthy Purchase For Your Home Interior

Are you planning to give a makeover of your interior with some classy purchases? You can seek professional help for refurbishing the beauty of your house, but that would definitely be expensive. The planning of interior decoration can be easily done with the help of internet; just you need some time to invest on internet and find out some lucrative designs.

You can sort out those designs and point out what are the things that can make your house glamorous. If you already have sophisticated furniture, you just need to polish them and install stylish and luxurious upholstery fabric on it. Also, adding some indoor plants, a painting and a chic carpet will also add life to your house. Needless to say, these are very high maintaining things and you need to clean them whenever required.

Removing the dusts and regain the beauty

Whether domestic upholstery or commercial upholstery or carpets – these are widely exposed to dust and that cannot be easily removed. So, it’s necessary that you take care of it on regular interval. The dust can only be removed by vacuum cleaner. Click here for more details regarding commercial upholstery. 

Maintain carpets and upholstery

You need to take immediate action if oil or coffee spill on those expensive things. If you are unable to take immediate action, then it becomes very difficult to remove the tan.

You should not use hot water at all while cleaning the oil or coffee spill. Usually, depending on the type of fabric, you should consider using the natural cleaner. Wash it and apply the cleaner again. Keep doing it for a few times and finally dry it up. Maintenance of the upholstery should be done properly to preserve the quality and color. The upholsteries are made of high class fabrics, which need proper attention on time.

What to do with water spill?

Water strains can create a weird appearance if not dried at the very moment. Accidental spill of water or water drip though the window during thunderstorm can at times damage the curtains, carpets and upholstery. Dry the water with dryer and make sure it is dry before placing it on the same place. Needless to say, besides cleaning, you should be very careful while you are at home. Try to avoid spilling coffee or tea on those expensive products and even if it spills out, try taking action immediately before it’s too late.

A balanced design, proper floor space, planned execution, apt wall color, colorful upholstery and carpets, indoor plants and paintings can certainly perk up the beauty up to a level. So, next time someone asks you for such a lovely house design, take the credit to help him out!